Taxes tailored for Business Owners

Save thousands of dollars on your personal and business income taxes.

Save time and money on your taxes

Quarterly taxes

Every quarter, we calculate your estimated payments and remind you when to pay so you never miss a deadline.

Annual taxes

Our team of third-party tax preparers files your business and personal annual tax returns, both federal and state.

Maximize deductions

Because we do your bookkeeping, we’re able to track your deductible expenses and make sure they’re claimed on your tax returns.

Decide how much to pay yourself

How much you pay yourself can have a big impact on your overall tax burden. We’ll calculate the most tax-efficient amount following IRS guidance.

Never miss a tax write off

We track all of your business expenses and make sure they’re claimed on your tax returns so you never miss a write off.

Pay quarterly taxes on time

We’ll project your income and expenses, review taxes you’ve paid, and let you know how much to pay to the IRS and your state each quarter.

Review your tax returns together

We’ll share your tax returns and answer any questions. Then we’ll file your return for you.

Annual taxes filed for you

Our partners will prepare your business and personal income taxes at the end of the year, including both federal and state returns.

No hunting for receipts

Because we handle your bookkeeping, we have everything we need to get your filings done on time.

Year-round tax planning

We proactively plan your taxes and look for opportunities to save you money with deductions.

Fast online support

You can message our support team through the Heard app and we’ll get back to you in 1-2 business days.