Form an S Corp and save on your taxes

We’ll tell you when it’s the right time to form an S corporation and even file the paperwork for you.

We’ll handle the process for you

You’ve probably heard forming an S corporation (S corp) can save you money on your taxes for your business, but when and how to form one can be confusing. We’re here to help.

File Form 2553

We’ll file Form 2553 for you to elect your business be taxed as an S Corp by the IRS.

Determine reasonable salary

Based on your income, we’ll help you calculate a reasonable salary to pay yourself.

Set up payroll

We’ll get you set up on payroll, which you can run directly through your Client dashboard.

Stay compliant and avoid fees

After your S corp is set up, we’ll make sure you stay compliant and avoid fees or penalties from the IRS.

Review reasonable salary

Throughout the year, we’ll review your reasonable salary to make sure you’re paying yourself the right amount.

Review benefits

We’ll discuss retirement planning and health insurance treatment as an S corp to maximize your tax savings.

Adjust books for expenses

We’ll adjust your books for expenses and make sure they’re claimed on your tax return.